Spotted: GypsyMoon Marketplace

Good morning, y'all, and welcome to the first Friday of November! It doesn't seem possible that we're already here, but this month brings LOTS of exciting things to our agendas. In fact, we're talking about one of them this morning on the blog!

Today's feature in the Spotted Series places a spotlight on GypsyMoon Marketplace. As we're rapidly approaching their Fifth Marketplace Event, held biannually, Whitnee Mosley set time aside to chat with me about how GypsyMoon came to life, and what we can look forward to this year.

I am thrilled to be collaborating with these folks for the FIFTH event in a row!

Below: Whitnee Mosley says that it started a few years back when she and her mother-in-law, Angie, began going to (what was similar to) Barn Sales throughout the South. The appeal was that they were much different from going shopping at the Flea Market or Mall, and Angie's love for all things vintage opened up a new dream for the ladies within and close to the Mosley's: to host an event of their very own.

While on a family vacation, the topic came up and this time, plans were made. Highland Stables, a business owned and operated by The Mosley Family, would host the first-ever GypsyMoon Marketplace Event.

After releasing the vendor applications, Whitnee and Angie set a goal of 500 people for their first turnout in 2014. Although the first event only brought around 30 vendors, their goals were surpassed when nearly 2,500 people came out to partake in the marketplace. How insane is that!? Go, girls, go!

Shown with Whitnee: Kaleighn LaBore (right)

Below: Angie Mosley, (left) visits with the Owner of Blossoms Closet during a previous GypsyMoon Marketplace Event. I like to pretend they were saying, "Is this real life!?"

Something I love about this marketplace event is that as opposed to having booths set up (think typical flea markets), vendors set up what Whitnee calls storefronts. This concept gives costumers a feel that they're walking into their actual store, which is such a nice way to showcase where you come from while sharing one space in Highland Stables. The down-home feels are one of my very favorite things about this group!