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Greetings from the Queen!

Hey, y'all! It's the Pie Queen here, and I have been keeping a BIG secret from you. After thinking long and hard about it, I decided that between being a full-time mother, wife, business owner and sweets extraordinaire, I am simply not busy enough. Why not start a blog to connect and share with all of you? (and also to help me keep track of what day it is, don't tell anyone that part). That's right! I will be here every week to deliver bits and pieces of the circus (covered in flour) that is my life. Aside from the stories, insights and bloopers that make me who I am, I will also be sharing recipes from the most personal space in my life: my kitchen. You may know me as The Pie Queen, but I'd like for you to really know her. Friends, my name is Brie, and I am so happy to have you here.

I would say that it all started five years ago when my husband and I purchased the Boyce General Store, but this passion dates back a lifetime. My love for baking began when I was very young. Naturally, it only took a degree in photojournalism, a marriage, two comfortable careers and two bouncing babies to realize I was in the wrong business. I just wanted to bake. This is where I make a subtle shoutout to my parents and husband for being the most patient people in the world. I would also like to remind them that they love me, I swear.

Could I have gone to culinary school? Sure. Did I think about it? My whole life. Did I apply? Well, I filled out the application. It wasn't until my sweet mother pointed out my immense hatred of washing dishes, and that it would be a big part of my life, that I decided cooking school was not for me. Author's note: I still totally hate washing dishes, but I was wise and brought children into the world to help me. Thank you, Mom.

At the time, buying the country store was something we did to provide the adequate kitchen space I needed. Making Cake Pops out of our home was proving to be impossible with a baby on each hip, and this is where I assure you that stay-at-home mom's are superheroes. I don't know how they do it, but if you know one, hug her today. Better yet, get that woman a drink. She deserves it.

It's laughable now to think back on those days. What started out as an attempt to have more ovens and maybe ham sandwiches during the lunch hour (a serious maybe), completely changed life as we knew it. Through the store we've sold out more Fish Dinner's than we can count, we've witnessed our community grow in southern charm and value, we've learned the importance of supporting your local businesses and we've watched our boys grow into young men. I didn't think this adventure could bring any more rewards, surprises or gifts than it already had. Like many times before, I was wrong.

It's where The Pie Queen of BG came to life. I unpacked the dreams I had tucked away of having my own bakery and carefully evaluated every detail. Now more than ever, I wanted to assure the child inside of me that her aspirations had been relevant all along. With hard work, lots of tears and endless amounts of help, Boyce General Store is now home to my sweetest creation. In that small corner of the world, I dream, think, bake and say my prayers. I make mistakes and turn them into yummy accidents. I am forgiven in that space. I play back the memories of making No Bake cookies with my mom as a child. I say a 'thank you' with every push of a rolling pin and with every mess I make. I put love into every step of every recipe and genuinely hope its felt by the receiving end. My kitchen is my therapy, my happy place, and the reason I'm inviting you to take a closer look into my life. My kitchen makes me who I am. What does that for you?

Check in each week as I share the realities of my wacky, wild and wonderful life. I look forward to getting to know you, and I am so thankful you're along for the ride. Now Praise the Lord and pass the pie!

- Brie Golliher, The Pie Queen of BG

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