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Queen's December

Good morning! Welcome to December, folks! For the Pie Queen, it's also known as Dressember, and I have been SO anxious for this month to get here so I could tell you all about what that means! Hint: it means the whole world to me.

Dressember is something some of you may have heard of already, but I am super honored to share with those whom are unfamiliar. Most importantly, why this foundation, and time of year, mean so much to me. Remember that to me, it's Bigger Than a Dress.


My Slice of the Story:

The first couple of years of Dressember were just us gals who were connected to the creator Blythe Hill, whether it be real life friendships or Instagram-based relationships. It wasn't raising money for a cause just yet, it was a fun fashion challenge and a way to connect with others.

The very first post on Instagram, made in 2011, was all because I wanted to post the pictures to Instagram during the challenge. I participated with two lifelong friends of mine, Jen & Amy Hood and their friend, Blythe (does that name sound familiar?) and a bunch of other awesome ladies.

When I posted the photo, it received two "likes". CHECK OUT WHO ONE OF THE LIKES WERE!

These are my dear friends, Jen and Amy Hood. I love these fierce women and loved joining them in doing our part in changing the world for the better!

It wasn't until 2013 when Blythe decided to go bigger than the dress and start a movement by basing the challenge on raising money to fight Human Trafficking. Since 2013 the Foundation has raised over 3 million to help raise awareness and save lives! (AMAZING RIGHT?!?)


I also met my sweet friend Melissa; a bestie of Blythe, through the challenge. We started following one another on social media and that turned into emailing, after Mel found out she was moving to NASHVILLE! Luckily for me, the social media friendship turned into real life besties, and one that still brings me to tears to think about. And it's all thanks to Dressember!

She has since moved back out to California, but GAH-LEE, I love her.


Dressember 2017:

For me, wearing a dress every day for a month is as easy as throwing a braid in my hair. (Easy as pie, y'all!) So, this year I've decided to challenge myself!

I bought three of this same long sleeved black dress from Old Navy, as well as two short sleeved ones. Those will be my base of every outfit all month long. How many different ways do you think I can come up with?


I will be posting daily on my InstaStories to keep you updated on the Pie Queen's Dressember, and I might even show you some more on the blog.

If you're interested in the Dressember Movement, I genuinely hope you visit their website to participate and/or support in any way you can, and I would absolutely LOVE to help anyone who has questions! Come visit me at the Boyce General Store in your dress of choice this month (or a tie for the guys!) and let's chat about changing the world. There will be pie!

Here is my personal page you can go to donate! My goal is to raise $500:


As always, thank you for being here and hopefully you'll join me in the movement! Regardless, I hope everyone has a safe, sane, and cheerful weekend. Speaking of, get on out to the various parades taking place if you can! Our community is kicking off Christmas with so many opportunities to come together and celebrate with loved ones.

Don't forget: Tickets for the Jingle & Mingle event are available NOW. Grab yours here!


See you there, I hope! Back on Monday for updates from the Pie Queen, Happy Dressember!

The Pie Queen

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