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Queen's (BIG) News

H A P P Y Monday, y'all! You better believe that warrants an all-caps introduction this morning, because happiness is bursting at the seams for this Pie Queen!

Yesterday morning started out just as I had planned: ready to hit the kitchen early to prepare some upcoming blog content + goodies, then switching gears to the Boyce Christmas Parade. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me, although I had no idea I was in for something way, WAY better... I was on my way to the Pie Queen kitchen when I received the news that Baby Jones was making her way into the world! EEEK!

Like any anxious new auntie, I grabbed the Golliher boys and jumped in the car. They went to join the crew in the waiting room, while I snagged some time with my brother and sister-in-law- who was a total ROCKSTAR, by the way! Do I need to add how beautiful she made labor look? Come on!


The Jones Crew waiting for baby Henley!

I gotta say, the waiting area was a lot cuter than most I've waited in...

AND THEN SHE ARRIVED! Welcome to the world, Henley Jane Jones!

The proud new parents! The emotions that filled this room were enough to bring tears to your eyes... and don't worry, I cried enough of them for everyone!

The Pie Queen meets The Pie Princess. I think she's on board, y'all!

I'd say meeting Uncle Brad went pretty well, wouldn't you? :)

Introducing... Uncle Brad and Aunt Brie! (Did you hear that!? AUNT!)


The delivery room wasn't the only place where love was on HIGH yesterday. To add to the excitement, we also had the boys' Christmas Program at First Baptist Church!

What an absolutely B L E S S E D life we are so grateful to live. These are our people!

My favorite Blessings, and the entirety of my heart. Goodness, I love this family of mine!


A special message: It's important that I mention how sad I was to miss out on the Boyce Christmas Parade this year, as it is one of my most treasured Christmas traditions. However, I'd like to give the warmest thanks to my husband, Brad, for holding down the fort while allowing me to stay behind and welcome baby Henley into the world. What a bittersweet day it was!


Woohoo! This may have been the best Monday update yet, but that is just me! Be sure to join me back on Wednesday + Friday of this week for some yummy updates that you won't want to miss. See you then!

Happy Monday, Happy LIFE!

The Pie Queen

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