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Fruit Puffs

Happy Wednesday, folks! With the all the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving + December, we took a mini-break on the Recipe Release portion of the blog... but we're back at it today! Hooray!

November brought a month of pies + assorted goodies, whereas this month I'm sharing with you the joy of COOKIES! Comin' in hot to introduce the Christmas lineup is... Fruit Puffs.


I was gifted this squeal-worthy book of recipes for my birthday! How perfect, right?


I couldn't wait to jump in and share them with you, and that's when I decided that I would cook through the book with you all here on the blog. Let's do it!

Getting started:



1. Sift flour, salt, and baking powder. Cut in shortening, until it resembles cornmeal.

2. Add beaten egg + water.

3. Knead for about 1/2 minute. Turn out onto floured board and roll to thickness of 1/2-inch.

4. Spread with desired fruit.

5. Roll like jellyroll.

6. Slice in 1-inch pieces.

7. Place on greased cookie sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes in a 475 degree oven!

Pie Queen's Bonus: I only used blueberries for the fruit in this recipe, which doesn't warrant as sweet of an outcome as if I had used jam. So, I put my own spin on it by dusting powdered sugar on top!


There you have it! A little treat to hit your mid-week sweet tooth. Be sure to come back on Friday for the memo on where to find The Pie Queen this weekend, and other important updates that you won't want to miss! Happy Baking!

The Pie Queen

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