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Queen's Notes

Happy Friday, y'all! I don't know about you, but since we hit October, the time is FLYING by for this Pie Queen! With it already being my busiest time of year as it is, the weeks are simply running at 100 mph.

On that note, instead of a new feature in the Spotted Series today, we're covering some important reminders. Write them down before the dates get past ya!


If you missed the memo last Friday, as of last night, The GypsyMoon Marketplace is in full-swing! We had such a great opening night of the event and can't wait to see everyone throughout the rest of the weekend. If you've never made it out to the Marketplace, I strongly suggest putting it in your plans- lots of opportunities for Christmas shopping, gift giving, and Pie Queen goodies! The event is taking place at Highland Stables, but the direct link to all the information regarding GypsyMoon can be found here. See you this weekend, I hope!


Another very important reminder I have for you today is that we are down to the single digits in our countdown to the Thanksgiving Pie Pre-Order deadline. What!?

If you haven't already, be sure to get those pre-orders submitted by November 18th. You'll be the star of the show! For information regarding orders, you can find all that here.


There ya have it, folks! Be sure to come out and see us this weekend at Highland Stables for all your creative, vintage, and sweet tooth needs. Just in time for the Holidays! Stop by my booth to say Hello if you make it!

Get those Thanksgiving Pre-Orders in ASAP, and join me back on Monday morning for a fresh outlook on the upcoming week. I wasn't kidding about the 100 mph pace, y'all... it'll be here before you know it. Have a Blessed weekend with the ones you love, Happy Everything!

The Pie Queen of BG

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