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Queen's Greetings

Howdy, y'all and HOLY MOLY! What a tremendous Thanksgiving, and an insanely long list of things to be thankful for this year. I hope everyone has enjoyed the extended, cozy days with loved ones, and if you're like me, the extra time doing as little as possible. Back to the grind today!

It's no secret that I've felt extra blessed this season, albeit feeling absolutely nuts at the same time. In the span of Saturday through Tuesday last week, I captured and experienced some super sweet moments that I wanted to share with you today.

I love reflecting on the start of a new week, and this particular reflection comes with a bursting heart. (I say that a lot, I know, but I REALLY have a bursting heart over this, y'all!)

As the Thanksgiving week wrapped up, I took inventory of what we went through out at the Boyce General Store and out of the kitchen of The Pie Queen. In case you're worried it's just early and your eyes are still foggy... let me assure you that you're seeing correctly. The following numbers are real, I wasn't lying when I said my heart was bursting! Here is the aftermath of our Thanksgiving season, and a walk-through of our epic week.



It all starts with the pie preppin'!

Holiday seasons always call for the best help in The Pie Hole!


Then comes the packaging preppin'! Luckily for me, I have a pretty cute assistant for that!

Fun Fact: Brad designed the Pie Queen Logo, stamp, and stickers that we feature on all Pie Queen Products! I was so excited to use the new stamps this Thanksgiving. What do you think of them!?

The method to the madness...


Then comes the pies on pies on pies... A heavenly sight indeed.

Another shot of the incredible help I had in my kitchen! Sights such as this one make me pretty proud.


Annnnd... I almost made it, y'all. Maybe next year!


Finally, the finished products start to fill the boxes, and fill the kitchen. The light at the end of the most beautifully chaotic tunnel!

This was one of my favorite sights: the Pie Hole pick-up window for first come, first serve last minute Thanksgiving pies. All the heart eyes!


There are few things in life that are sweeter than the love and dedication of a best friend. Here is one of mine. Thank you for all you do, Natalie!


In any busy season, the starting and finishing point is always right here. Within these walls, amongst our people. My motivation, and my reasons for doing everything I do. My heart is so, so full!

Crazy Thankful, y'all.


It's time to get back to the grind and back into the swing of things. With Christmas just around the corner, (what!?) there are more things to be thankful for, and it starts from inside my kitchen. Back to it!

Join me on Wednesday and Friday later this week to get the all the scoop in The Pie Queen world! We're getting back on the normal post schedule, and back to all the goodness.

T H AN K Y O U for everything, y'all. Truly, truly, truly!

The Pie Queen

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