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Queen's Year in Review

Hello, friends! It's impossibly hard to believe, but we have somehow arrived at our last blog post of 2017. Y'all, what a ride!

And my, what a Y E A R it has been! Believe it or not, this post comes to you during a rare, but honest part of my life: trial + error, and that yucky feeling of defeat that follows. I am almost always smiles + sugar, but I'm here to tell ya that every now and then, even the Pie Queen has bad days. 

Luckily, I don't have time for that. Even luckier, I do have the best of friends, and they keep me on track.

While I work hard to make goals + plans and love to see them happen, sometimes they simply don't. Sometimes, we fail. And for me, it took a bummed mood and conversation about said failure with a dear friend to adjust my perspective.

She immediately reminded me of something we all forget when we're down: everything else that has happened... while things were looking UP!

This made me take a deep breath, look back over 2017, and cry happy tears. With

I M M E N S E gratitue. My failed endeavor quickly took a backseat to the long list of personal "Happies" I had happen this year, and I realized that we are all guilty of overlooking the good stuff when we find ourselves in the bad moments. 

With a special thanks to a sweet friend, I wanted to celebrate the accomplishments that added Happy to my life this year, and the reason I want to share them is because I hope each of you look back and make your own list of 2017 Happies. I love having a space where we can all connect, and now more than ever we should be connecting gratitude to our respective lives. I can't wait to read your lists!


In no order, here are some things The Pie Queen + The Boyce General Store are celebrating in our Year in Review:

  • Collaborating with Whole Foods. Hopefully we'll continue to add locations in 2018!

  • Major rennovations + additions at The Boyce General Store. I now have The Pie Hole, and our guests have an updated atmosphere (while maintaining the charm they love), all thanks to our incredible team!

  • Celebrated FIVE years at The Boyce General Store!!!

  • Celebrated TEN years of marriage with my main squeeze, Brad Golliher, with a trip to Italy this summer! We had an absolute blast being tourists + reconnecting with one another outside of the kitchen. (We also took a quick trip to NYC earlier this year where major business moves were made, and visits with old friend happened!)

  • The sweetest family vacation with our boys, but then there's the birthday parties, football + baseball + basketball games, and family night's at home that irreplaceable no matter what year it is.

  • The Boyce General Store + The Pie Queen both had record-breaking years! Fish Fry's at Boyce reached new highs in attendance + sold out dinner's, and The Pie Queen set new records all around for the Holiday Season. Respectively, we are so thankful.

  • Hey! I started and maintained a blog, y'all! (T H A N K Y O U!)

  • An amazing trip to L.A. to network and build our business, but I also saw some best friends while out there!

  • This year we've had more growth in our branding + business development than ever before! Networking + collaborating has become something we L O V E to participate in, and gaining knowledge on how to grow is a goal we'll take into each year.

  • Y'all, I became an AUNT!

  •  The Pie Queen + The Boyce General Store had a few exciting mentions in some publications this year, all of which we are grateful for. You can find the links to these stories on our website, but two that have happened very recently are:

1. Boyce General Store named one of Southern Living's Best General Stores in the South!

2. Meet the Queen, Bowling Green Living


Check out a recap of my "Best Nine" from 2017! One was generated from The Pie Queen page, and one was generated from The Boyce Genera Store. I love them both SO much!


You GUYS, imagine being down and feeling as though you hadn't accomplished what you'd wanted, and then compiling this list. Sometimes, we need to reflect on the bigger picture in order to acknowledge ALL the celebrations of our lives, cause life moves quickly- and it's easy to get stuck in the rough stuff.

Don't get stuck in your own rough stuff. Make your Happies List! Please share them with me so I can have a glimpse into what makes you you, and so celebrations are spread amongst our community. This is a group activity! :)

I am so grateful to have this space, and I'm elated to have you join me this year on this F U N venture! A sincere Thank You to all my readers + followers, and to everyone affiliated with The Boyce General Store + The Pie Queen. Our lives are better with you in it, and we appreciate each and every one of you. We can't wait to see what 2018 has in store!

Blessings to you + your loved ones! We'll see you back here in January! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, y'all!

The Pie Queen of BG


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