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Queen's Thanks

Good morning, y'all! Happy Thanksgiving Week to everyone! November was NOT playin' around when it hit the calendar this year, folks. In my world, the time has moved as quickly as the flour has, yet you still couldn't convince me it was time for Thanksgiving until yesterday.

Yesterday my world ran a little more slowly, and that is when it all hit me. I sat down to go through and prepare the pre-orders we received for Thanksgiving pies, and what was left was a seriously speechless + entirely humbled Pie Queen.

Y'all, I am so grateful.



I had a goal in mind when approaching this holiday season, but it wasn't until I prepared the pre-orders that I realized we had far exceeded it. With more than double the amount of order activity since last year, I am simply engrossed in utter gratitude. You all are amazing, and when it comes to what I'm thankful for this year, you're at the top of the list.

The incredible support that I am lucky enough to have in The Boyce General Store and The Pie Queen are precisely what make my kitchen run, keep my dreams alive, and my heart truly full.

Because of you all, I get to do what I love. That's the best thing I could ever dream of in terms of "work"in my life. You're allowing me to live my dream every single day, with the fullest heart in the world, and I am grateful to you. Wholeheartedly, y'all.

As we move into the Thanksgiving week, I want to genuinely thank you for your business and continued support. Y'all keep me busy, but it's the luckiest busy I will ever know. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You. From my family to yours, may you celebrate the things you're grateful for in your life, and especially celebrate where there is love. We are all Blessed to do so.

Happy Thanks, Happy Everything!

The Pie Queen of BG

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