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Queen's Greetings

Good morning, friends! Welcome to Monday, the start of what I hope is a wonderful week. While I'm up early getting a jumpstart on mine, I'm not quite out of the weekend just yet. Y'all, it was such a great one! With the perfect combination of family, friends, excitement, and love, it was precisely what makes this Pie Queen's heart (REALLY) happy. When that kind of energy carries me into a new week, I can't help but feel like it's going to be a great day. More than anything, I feel truly grateful.

Following Friday night's Fish Fry, Saturday brought our Fall Harvest Dinner, the last Saturday even of the year. Boyce General Store was the place to be, folks! We had an incredible turnout, a farm fresh menu, and some of the sweetest helpers in the state of Kentucky. We are not only blessed with a faithful community; we seriously struck gold in the staff department. Serving the sweetness that night was Brady (Golliher), Elizabeth and Lilah (Howell) of Need More Acres Farm. These babes have grown up in the kitchen in one way or another, and they know exactly how to handle a packed house. They're also pretty good at charming the pants off ya, look at those cuties! 

A HUGE Thank You to our farmers! We couldn't make events like this happen without the support of fellow local, homegrown businesses, and it brings us great pride to be affiliated with each of them. Special thanks to:

Need More Acres Farm

Downing Cattle Co.

Think Little

Kirby & Poe

Sunny Point Gardens

Matin's Produce

Thanks to Kentucky Proud, Boyce General Store was able to donate a portion of Saturday's profits to CFM double dollars program, a truly tremendous organization that you can check out here!


There were a group of extra special visitors in attendance that night, and I'm pretty excited to tell you about them. They were so special; we even kept the party going together on Sunday morning! I am pleased to share that The Pie Queen hosted the very first event in the SoKy Marketplace Community Kitchen, and we kicked it off with a cooking class!

All the way from New York City, this awesome group of food influences & bloggers came to experience what Kentucky kitchens are all about, and I had SO much fun with them! You can follow their visit by checking them out on Instagram:

@thefoodjoy @jasoneats @brunchboys @thegrubfather and @nomnomblog

 Perhaps there will be a new feature in the Spotted Series sometime in the near future... or better yet, where do you think we may find The Pie Queen next?

We spent the morning making Pop Tarts! You can find the recipe here.

I knew we shared the passion for food, but that wasn't the only thing we had in common. These folks get it: Pictures, or it doesn't count! ;)

Thanks so much for spending the weekend with me, friends! I guess next time it's my turn to come hang out in New York City. (That was the deal, right!?)


Following the morning in the Kitchen, I packed up and changed gears. It was time for Family! My Aunt Leca came in from Maryland to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday and love on the parents to be. Last week I told you that my brother and sister-in-law were making me an AUNT. I am so thrilled about that; I found my way into another baby shower! Can you tell I'm a little anxious for her to be here!? We had an absolutely precious time laughing, loving, and dreaming of who she will be. These are my people, y'all! I simply adore them.

My mother smocked that dress for my second Easter and I was so excited to pass it down to sweet Henley Jane.   


And last but never least, our boys. Brady and Bryce shared the spotlight at church on Sunday, performing


See why I'm feeling extra grateful this morning? With weekends like this one, it's difficult to feel otherwise. Be sure to come back on Wednesday for the release of a new recipe! I have a hint for ya on this one... it isn't pie! Do you have any ideas on what it could be? 

Wrap up your work week by stopping in Friday morning for the newest feature in the Spotted Series. The Pie Queen is popping up in all sorts of unexpected places these days, y'all! Thank you so much for joining me here today. See you again soon, Happy Monday!

The Pie Queen of BG

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