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Queen's Greetings

Good morning, friends! Whether you're enjoying the day off for Columbus Day or you're stuck in the office, I hope your weekend felt long and your week feels short! We are currently enjoying a much needed FUN family trip that has been spent with friends, lots of laughter, Halloween candy, AND educational adventures!

Over the weekend we camped and participated in the best family Halloween event! As always, we did that surrounded by people we love. The location was Bailey's Point, which you can check out here!. The Force was strong with the Golliher's, y'all!

In classic Golliher fashion, we've also tied in some education to our trip. To celebrate Columbus Day properly while on the road, we thought it would only be fitting to visit The Pinta & The Nina, which we recommend to anyone who ever finds themselves in Cape Girardeau, MO. You can find their site here. Truly so awesome! We think the boys enjoyed themselves just a little bit...

I wanted to share with everyone what I'm up to, but also this morning I wanted to give you a little sneak peak of what's coming your way on the blog this week. If you missed it on Friday, you can head over to check out how you can pre-order your Thanksgiving pies! You can do that here.

The selection this year is plentiful, and full of my favorites! On Wednesday, I'll be releasing the recipe for one of the featured pies. Which one do you think it will be??

On Friday, you'll find an awesome story featured in my "Spotted" series. This one is near and dear to my heart, and I am so excited to share it with you! You definitely don't want to miss it. People in our community are doing seriously cool things, y'all!

Cheers to a happy, healthy week! May you get through it as quickly as that cup of coffee you're having right now, one that I hope has a kick of sugar in it for ya. Happy Everything, see you Wednesday!

The Pie Queen

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