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Spotted: Living With Landyn Live

Good morning, y'all! I hope everyone is having a week that's moving quickly and swiftly into the weekend. Here's a hug and high five for a happy Wednesday, as well as a little story I wanted to share with you!

Today in the Spotted series, I'm introducing you to someone I love and admire. She is just the coolest- and I got to hang out with her on Saturday- and I can't wait to tell about it!

Living With Landyn Live took place in Nashville, TN on Saturday. Landyn is a lifestyle blogger, among a LONG list of various titles. Let me assure you, every single thing about her is impressive. What I love most is how immediately you feel connected to her, and no matter who you are, she makes you feel like the star of the show. The world needs more Landyn's. In fact, the world should know who she is! Check her out here.

So excited I could hardly stand it, I arrived on Saturday with a collection of Blueberry Crumble, PB & Fudge, Pecan and Nest Mini Pies. Partnering with Landyn for her Live events are simply the most fun, and most adorable. I mean come on!? Look at this!

The precious atmosphere of the event. I loved every detail!

To display the pies, I went with Kraft boxes, gold & white tape with polka dots or stripes to seal them, and my brand new STAMP on the sides. Do you know how exciting it is to have a stamp!? EEEEEK!

Y'ALL... WHAT IS LIFE!? Above: This sweet girl came running up to me to tell me she had ordered my pies online!! (after watching Landyn's instastories) Below: LOOK what Landyn posted! *Squeal!!*

It's fitting that Landyn's tagline is "All The Things" because she truly is just that. She's the mom everyone wants to be friends with. She's your instant bestie, hugging you within seconds and making you feel at home. I admire her as a wife, mother, friend and professional. My fan-girl status for this woman goes back, as I've been following her on social media for quite a while now. In fact, that's how we got connected!

I reached out to Landyn for her first live event, when she announced that she was looking for people to partner with. I considered myself super duper lucky when she chose me to be one of those people. That's a story in itself! *Insert cry-laughing emoji here*

The first time I went to Nashville to bring Landyn a sample of my pies, her right hand lady, Julia, sent me the address. I punched it in, anxiously drove myself and as you can imagine, nervously approached the door. The nervousness peaked when the woman who opened the door was NOT Landyn! After frantically calling Julia, we discovered that she had sent me to Landyn's neighbors house. Whoopsie daisy!

I arrived at Landyn's house (for real this time) to her opening the door with Julia still on the phone, all of us cracking up. She wasted no time in hugging me and making feel completely comfortable. We had a really awesome day getting to know each other, Instagramming, fan-girling (for me) and pie tasting. Did I mention the cherry on top was that she loved everything!? Someone pinch me! Here was the beginning of a partnership that has a whole future ahead of it, and I cannot wait to see where it grows.

I was freakin' out, y'all! :)

A huge thank you to Landyn for allowing me to be involved in such a fun, beneficial and powerful adventure, and for taking The Pie Queen to new places. May everyone have a Blessed Wednesday and rest of your week! Happy Life, Happy Everything!

The Pie Queen of BG

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