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Spotted: Southern Living

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm hopeful everyone has had an exciting (in a good way) and easy-going week. My husband has been visiting family and as for us, we are anxiously awaiting having him back home! I'm not sure who is more ready, me or our boys. No matter what it brought your way, you've made it to the weekend! High five to that, friend!

Something I haven't told you about myself yet is that I spend a good amount of time planning the schedule of my blog posts. They're not random, but instead strategic and with a purpose. I typically know what will be coming your way a week or two prior to delivering it. This is always exciting for me because I know the secret I'm keeping, and carry it with high hopes you'll enjoy it... but sometimes, life surprises even this planner.

An example comes in today's blog post. I had something prepared, written, ready to go. The good news: it's still coming your way. The better news: the alternate post is some of the most exciting news that I've ever received, so I had no choice. I had to share it with you today! It's my pleasure to present to you, the newest addition to my Spotted series.

Spotted: Southern Living

Wait, say what!? You read that right, y'all! The Boyce General Store had some SUPER crazy and SUPER exciting news fall into our lap this week. We were featured in Southern Living as one of The South's Most Charming General Stores! You can check it out here. *Squeal!*

Imagine seeing this...

... and then getting to share it with your own caption... SAY WHAT!?

I'm still on cloud nine and completely in awe over this, as you can imagine. With all the feelings news such as this brings, I found myself nostalgic and in deep reflection over what brought us to this wildly honorable milestone. Deciding to purchase the Boyce General Store with my husband five years ago continues to be the best decision we could've made. At the time, we just wanted to buy a country store to provide baking space for my passion. Boy, how our lives have changed.

We are humbled. We are proud of how far we've come. Most of all, we are so incredibly grateful. Thank you, from our hearts, to everyone who has supported our dreams and fueled them with love along the way and in the years to come.

Have a Blessed weekend, friends!

The Pie Queen of BG

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