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Kitchen for a Queen

Hey, y'all! It's what I like to call FRI-YAY over here, and I hope you've had a wonderful week. Even better, I hope you have big plans for a cozy weekend ahead! Many of you sent your darling babes back to school this week, many of you are feeling that (not-so-enjoyable) transition out of the summer break we all love so dearly. I think what we are all in need of is some good company, good relaxation, and as always, some good comfort food. I hope you find it this weekend!

Today I have something extra special for you! I'm bringing you behind the scenes into my Happy Place, the Pie Queen kitchen. Since we are still in the beginning stages of my blogging adventure I want you to fully feel like you're apart of my crazy life. So keep scrolling to find out a little bit more about the space and some pieces that I can't live without.

This is the newest collage wall in the Kitchen; (starting a the top left and going clockwise) is a vintage chalkboard, my sweet dessert first sign from the Mays when they moved out West. The first shadow box has my beloved American Girl mixer set (that I got for my 30th birthday, no shame). The next has a too pretty to be used pie server, then my life's motto "messy bun, getting stuff done" (just add some 90s station and that's my life in a nutshell). On our European adventure this summer I snagged three awesome tea towels (the others are below). Then I have an awesome Rough Draft screen that was made for a crowd funding project for Think Little Farm. And lastly on this wall is a print by my dear friend Mel, that says "every time women gather in circles the world heals a little more", which I truly believe.

For Valentine's Day this year Brad came up with this super cute card. (He's the BEST)

I LOVE this print! When I catered pies for my friends wedding this was in display because the brides grandfather used to always say this. I was so excited with Meghan and Landyn had one saved back for me!

This is the original Pie Queen corner, I'm obsessed with my peg board that holds all the gadgets and you can't go wrong with some Rustic Nail counters.

We have two bulletin board sections now, one for order and then this one that's more of a catch all (So I don't lose it) kind of space. My sweet Pie Queenies also leave me notes that keep me motivated (and make me cry). And you can't forget my awesome painting but John Erskine (have you been to Paradise Point yet? The have my cinnies there, plus my no bakes and macaroons for sell too!)

I don't know what I would do without my trusty rolling carts. They make working in a small space possible.

There is now a window (or as I like to call it "the pie hole") on the main floor of the Boyce General Store that looks into the kitchen. If you see me working just tap on the glass and we can chat! Most of the time you can find me right here, covered in flour with my headphones on (probably watching Gilmore Girls). Speaking of flour, you won't want to miss next Monday's recipe!

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