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Spotted: Topper Corner

Good morning, friends! Somehow it's Friday again, how did that happen!? With Halloween festivities, fall festivals, and schedules packed to the brim, I'm sure you're also heading into a busy end of the week. As I share my cup of coffee with you this morning, I'm sending you all the happy vibes for a smooth and (hopefully) restful break with the people you love. Here's to the weekend! *Cheers*

If you're out and about this weekend and your schedule isn't packed to the brim, first of all, I'm jealous. Also, I have a recommendation for your agenda. Y'all have got to check this place out if you haven't already! Today's feature in the Spotted Series shines a spotlight on Topper Corner.


Owned and operated by WKU, Topper Corner opened in September of 2016 in Stadium Park Plaza, next to the Hot Rods Stadium. This adorable storefront features local art, collegiate apparel, unique gifts, and unique-to-KY products. I mean come on, look at this white squirrel holding a piece of PIE, y'all!


Rebecca Elder, having previously owned a store in Texas, developed a love for featuring locally made products and wanted to continue that here at Topper Corner as well. Very luckily for me, being a WKU Alum (and big time Topper lover) made the collaboration seem like a perfect fit. And Y'ALL, isn't she just the sweetest!?

"I knew that Bowling Green people were missing The Pie Queen downtown and thought it would be a great partnership to add Pie Queen treats to Topper Corner." - Rebecca Elder.


I have absolutely loved this partnership for many reasons. I truly do bleed RED, I LOVE my Toppers, but more than anything, I love teaming up with great establishments who share my love for all things LOCAL. We believe in one another and we believe in our community; I will always be proud to be associated with a place such as this one.

Rebecca went on to say that the response has been great, and that she's even been able to introduce The Pie Queen to folks who were unfamiliar before! This makes my heart so happy, and to know there's another business succeeding simultaneously is the cherry on top for me. Topper Corner is a perfect fit for our community, and a business I'm honored to recommend. Go check 'em out!



A huge thanks to Rebecca Elder and Topper Corner for letting The Pie Queen share your space, and for being the feature in today's post. I LOVE doing this every week! Join me on Monday to see what's coming up! You won't want to miss it. Thank you for having your coffee with me this morning, Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

The Pie Queen of BG

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