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Spotted: VIP Magazine

Happy Friday, friends! I'm not sure about you, but this week flew faster than I could keep up. Is it really already the weekend!? That makes for a very happy Pie Queen, although October is proving to be on the move whether I'm ready for it or not. Between Fall Break, Thanksgiving orders, Halloween preparation and fall sports in full swing (for our house, anyway) this month has already been incredibly generous. So generous, one particular detail deserves mentioning. I may be a little excited about it!

VIP Magazine of Bowling Green, the October issue, has hit the stands. I am not only proud to announce that its titled All About Women, but I am thrilled (and so grateful) to share that The Pie Queen was featured in the VIP Women in Business section. Wait, WHAT!? I still can't believe I get to say that and it be true!

Talk about an absolute honor to stand alongside a group of such professional, passionate, ladies. All from the same community, all chasing our respective dream. The dreams may be different, but the root of the purpose is the same. I am very proud to say that what I have in common with these remarkable women is that we all have a deep desire to provide. Whether it be pies, farm fresh produce, creative design or a thriving restaurant, women in Bowling Green are doing astounding things, and it is truly humbling to be apart of the celebration.

I can't thank VIP Magazine enough for the opportunity, the mention, and a day that provided an excuse to throw on some lipstick and fluff my dress. I even had the cutest entourage you've ever seen!

One of my favorite parts of the day was being able to experience the fun with a dear friend of mine, as well as one of the partners in our latest Giveaway. Michelle Howell of Need More Acres Farm keeps me stocked in farm fresh produce, and is a super fun lady to share a spread with!

The most rewarding part for me is without a doubt getting to share these milestones with my boys nearby. We have always loved including them in our family business, as they truly are the heart of it. I wouldn't have it any other way than to bring them with me for all the excitement. They never argue with an excuse to hang out with a group of beautiful women! They sure are Mama's biggest fans. (Think it's cause I let them lick the spoon?)

A HUGE Thank You for having us and being so fancy, The Club at Olde Stone!


Grab your copy of VIP Magazine before the month gets away! You can find them in various businesses throughout Bowling Green.

Before you go, drop in and take a peek at The Pie Queen's BRAND NEW YouTube channel! I have been SO excited to share this with you all week! Expect MANY more of these to come, and watch me learn as I go. It's only the beginning, but I am LOVING this new feature! Don't forget to Like and Subscribe for all the juicy updates.

I always appreciate when you join me here, and I hope to have your eyes on Monday! What do you think is coming up next week? Happy Weekend!

The Pie Queen

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