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{Thanksgiving PreOrders}

I know it seems like the holidays are forever away but in all seriousness, Thanksgiving is only 48 days away!! I'm super pumped to introduce this years line up and let you know about all of the ways to order them.

Online ordering is for PICK UP ONLY!! (we do not ship whole pies, BUT you can order mini pies to be shipped!) Please write in notes if you will be picking up: Nov 22 at Boyce General Store 6am - 2pm or Zest! Juice for Life 10am - 5pm.

You can also come to the Boyce General Store to make your order or call 270.842.1900 but all orders must be prepaid and NO FB or IG messages will be allowed (or text messages if you have my cell number haha)

There are a total of 8 options this year. All pies are $15 each and if you buy 3 or more you will receive a FREE recycle tote.

{Southern Pecan Pie}

A southern classic, with chopped pecans and no corn syrup.

{Kentucky Pie}

Chocolate chip, bourbon, pecan pie with a shortbread Kentucky on the top.

{Peanut Butter & Fudge Pie}

A fudge brownie pie topped with Gone Nuts! peanut butter.

{Pumpkin Pie}

A fall favorite is my fluffy pumpkin pie.

{Chocolate Mernigue}

You will be the hit of the holiday if you come in with this classic.

{Coconut Cream}

It's my top seller for a reason!

{Chess Pie}

A sweet buttermilk pie is the perfect compliment to any holiday meal.

{Nest Pie}

Its a SHOWSTOPPER, my award winning gluten free pie has a coconut macaroon crust with a fudge brownie filling.

Go make your ORDER NOW!!

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