Apple Hand Pies

Howdy, y'all and Happy Monday! We're already back from what was a fast and FUN weekend in the Boyce community. Were you able to make it out to our annual Apple Fest? If not, we sure missed you! However, the celebration of all things apple (one of my favorite times of year) didn't just commence. We kicked off last week with a visit to WBKO, did you catch us on Midday Live? Our boys, Brady and Bryce, joined me (aka stole the show) in making my Apple Hand Pies on Wednesday, September 20th. You can check it out here!

Hopefully by now you've gathered that Monday is recipe day, and I have a major treat for you on this one. In case you missed out last week, here's your second chance! That's right, today we're talking Apple Hand Pies. Let's get busy!

First things first: credit where it's due. The tremendous (and scrumptious!) load of apples supplied for this year's festivities were Winesap apples. They came from Overall Farms, located right here in Bowling Green, KY. Buy local, y'all!

Before getting to the really good stuff, I have to recommend something really awesome for you. This time of year through the end of it, apple recipes will be in full-force. If you're like me and have a million apples to cut and prepare- these are a must-have! They're affordable, durable, and most importantly, you'll save yourself a whole lotta time. See below, and check out this direct link!

Now for the really good stuff! Apple Hand Pie crusts are made with the same dough I use for my Pop-Tarts. You can find that recipe again here. Note: There's a bonus (say what!?) recipe later in this post, and you'll use the same dough for that. Enjoy!

Apple Hand Pies:

1. Peel and slice your apples.

2. Place apples AND all ingredients in a pot, cook until apples are soft. Queen's Tip: I pre-cook my apples this way because as juices escape, pies become soggy. Pre-cooking and then straining will prevent messy pies. Check it out!

3. Strain before placing into hand pies. Queen's Tip: No one likes a soggy pie!