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Peanut Butter Icing

Happy Monday! It feels like we were just talking about the weekend yesterday, right? Where did it go so quickly!? Ours was packed full of fish frying, friends, birthday celebrations and chilling out when life allowed it. That is my favorite kind of weekend: the kind that is full of LOVE. How was yours?

It's an exciting day in the Baking Goals space. Did someone say Peanut Butter Icing? *Insert drooling emoji here* That's right, let's do it! Grab your goodies and don't forget an essential step: The previous recipe for No Bakes, which you'll need to make the sammies shown below. (And because No Bakes are never a bad idea!)

Side story: my FAVORITE snack is to smear peanut butter on a no bake cookie. So when I dreamed up No Bake Sammies, Brad said I was crazy (mainly because he doesn't have my love for peanut butter) but thanks to y'all they are one of my top sellers! #fatkiddreamsliveon 

1. In a mixer, whip butter and peanut butter together.

2. Slowly add powdered sugar. (Two cups total, added in 1/2 cup increments)

Use as filling for PB No Bake Sammies, icing for cakes or cupcakes, fillings, or better yet... anything you want. Send me pictures of whatever you come up with! :)

Fingers crossed this is the pick-me-up your Monday morning needs, and the rest of your day goes smoothly! May your week be full of love, laughter and if need be, spoonfuls of peanut butter icing. Here's to hoping! Happy Baking, Happy Everything!

The Pie Queen of BG

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