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Spotted: Baxter's Coffee

Welcome to another Friday, friends! As per usual, for me, it's Fri-YAY! In last weeks post, I shared the Houchens Markets locations where you can find Pie Queen products. But GUESS WHAT!? I was also doing something else... I was starting the newest series of The Pie Queen Blog, "Spotted". I am super excited about this!

Spotted is a series I'm passionate about, and I think you'll soon understand why. It not only shares new places to find Pie Queen products, but it highlights local businesses (and friends) whom I believe in. I love passing along the works of fellow small businesses; I believe we share a thriving, beneficial and admirable community. I can't wait for you to meet some new faces and places! Today's feature:

I am a big fan of this place, and even more so of the woman (or as I like to say, Boss Babe) who introduced me to it. Though Lauren Price is the reason this sweet collaboration took place, it's worth mentioning that this stellar business of hers is actually a family affair. This was just the first thing we had in common!

Baxter's Coffee, named after their family dog, was originally brought to life by Lauren's Mother, Terri Tuttle. In a previous business, Terri kept a coffee corner within the establishment. In time, she decided to make coffee her next big idea, and now the company is ran by all three of her children: Anne, Jay, and Lauren, as well as an irreplaceable group of employees. The similarities just continue with this gem!

Working as a team, Anne covers the baking & bookkeeping, Jay does all the coffee roasting, and Lauren oversees the marketing, hiring, training departments. Lauren told me, "If you had told us 10 years ago that we'd all come back to Somerset... to work together as siblings... we all would've laughed at you!"

All jokes aside, positions were trial and error. Roles within the business had to be earned. Each sibling came to prove where their strengths were, but once they found their groove, the rest was history. Baxter's now has four locations throughout Somerset, KY.

In 2001, the original Baxter's Coffee was opened in a home that they had converted to a coffee shop. After years of being asked when another location would be opening, the second location was launched in 2005 on the South end of town. Shortly after, the third location was opened in the hospital of Somerset (isn't that awesome!?). Leaving the last location launching last year, in 2016. This one is just up the road from the original Baxter's Coffee. An even cooler fun fact about location #4 is that that's where all of their warehousing takes place, along with a drive-thru! (again, isn't that awesome!?)

Aside from the many other reasons I relate to and believe in this business, is because they're passion-driven. Both of us truly find happiness in serving our respective corners of the world and beyond. Our neighbors, family and friends are the reason we do what we do, and the business is fueled from love.

So, how did two Southern Boss Babes cross paths? Lauren claims that when she moved back to Bowling Green, she kept seeing and hearing about this mysterious Pie Queen on social media. For some reason, this really makes me giggle! One day, Lauren decided to come see for herself, finding her way down to my previous location on The Square. We met again, and more in depth, when were both vendors at a Market Fair event later that year. Finally, Lauren drove out to Boyce General Store one day just to have lunch. Luckily, she felt it was the right time to ask me a big question, and I was baking in the back. Brad, my husband and business partner, brought her to me and that was that. We were business buds!

We were quickly and deep in conversation when we inevitably decided to sell each other's products in our stores. After all, this coffee is the bomb, and I believe in this business. All the claps & snaps for Baxter's Coffee!

As a friend, shouldn't we all just agree that the, "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" theory is a nice one to live by? In business, here is an example of what that would like look. I'll scratch your back... Below: Baxter's Coffee served and sold in Boyce General Store.

... If you'll scratch mine! Below: Pie Queen goodies restocked and for sale in Baxter's Coffee, Somerset, KY.

Here is an example of something I love SO MUCH. Getting to see the various places that customers find and enjoy goodies that came out of my kitchen. Better yet: Mine or my friend's kitchen!... and at the same time!? Is this what they mean when they say BFF goals!?

If you ever find yourself in the pretty city of Somerset, KY, I hope you stop in Baxter's Coffee. I wonder what would happen if you told Lauren that The Pie Queen sentcha!? (I think we should try it, friends!) As always, I invite you to also come see me at the Boyce General Store for your fill of the treats featured on today's post, and a general reason to say hello. Happy Weekend, y'all!

The Pie Queen of BG

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