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Savory Pie Dough

Happy Labor Day, y'all! I sure hope you've been enjoying the sunshine, some water activities, your friends, family and some yummy summertime favorites today. That is my preferred way to celebrate Labor Day every year, though for us, this year consisted of LOTS of yard work- we'll get 'em next time!

Today, I'm sharing my savory pie dough recipe! (Not to be confused with the pie crust I've shared with you previously, that is more of a cookie-tasting dough). This is a recipe people have asked me about for years, I hope you enjoy it!

1. With your hands, mix together the flour, salt, and lard. Do this until the mixture is crumbly. (See below)

2. Add ice water to the mixture, but in small amounts at a time. (I roughly use about a cup, give or take).

3. Roll out your mixture and place in pans of desired size.

Ta-da! Simple enough, right? That's how I like it! To get an idea of what you'll finish with, here is an example of one of my favorite ways to use my savory pie dough: pimento cheese! Fun Fact: Did you know my pimento cheese recipe was once featured in USA Today!? You can check it out here.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what will be delicious inside of this savory pie dough. What recipes will you fill it with? Don't forget to show me when you're done, please! Join me again on Friday and as always, Happy Baking!

The Pie Queen of BG

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