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Spotted: The Pie Queen

Happy Friday, y'all! Hopefully everyone has had a great week and is staying dry out there. I say we all stay cozy inside this weekend, who is with me!?

People often ask me if I sell my products in any other locations aside from the Boyce General Store. Part of the reason I started this blog was to share with you all the exciting details of my business that may not be known to the public. To answer your question, YES! I certainly do! Here in our hometown, you can find The Pie Queen products in various Houchens locations, and today I'll share with you all the secrets you need to know.

About a year ago, Houchens made a deal with me that was too sweet (see what I did there?) to refuse. Every week, I deliver batches of assorted homemade Pie Queen goodies to a total of seven Houchens locations. Fun fact: Occasionally, I have a super cute delivery boy (or two) with me!

A glimpse into what a weekly delivery looks like on the cooling rack.

Here are my SUPER EXCITING (to me) packaging slips! My dear ole' Hubby designed them for me. Ain't he sweet? :)

Before the boxes are filled with their respective orders per store location, this is how I keep track of how much of what is going where. "Who's on first?"


If you're interested in keeping an eye out for where the Pie Queen products may be hiding around town, allow me to help! I will make it really easy for ya:

1. IGA Crossroads (store 770) Smiths Grove.

2. IGA Crossroads (store 773) Scottsville Rd. + Plano Rd.

3. IGA Crossroads (store 776) Mt. Victor

4. IGA Crossroads (store 774) Russellville Rd.

5. IGA Crossroads (store 781) Richpond

6. IGA Priceless (store 485) Russellville Rd.

7. IGA Priceless (store 490) Franklin, KY

And there ya have it. The secret is out, I hope you're able to find some sweet treats when you're out and about! If you do, please do me a favor: I LOVE seeing all the various stop-and-spots of The Pie Queen goodies! If you grab yourself one, snap a photo and tag me on social media! I will be the happiest Queen in town! Here are a couple of spotting shots I have had sent to me so far:

I truly adore my customers, my followers, and all the lovely people who keep me doing what I love most. Thank you for the continued support and encouragement, always! Get out there and have fun with your Houchens hunt! I'll see y'all back on Monday. Happy hunting!

The Pie Queen of BG

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