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Chess Pie

Welcome to Monday, friends! Wishing everyone a Blessed and smooth start to the new week. If you're having trouble kicking out of weekend mode, I'm here to help! Today on the blog, I'm sharing something SUPER sweet and sure to perk you up... my Chess Pie! For this recipe, don't forget to make your crust from my previous blog, Queens Crust.

* This recipe yields 11 Mini Pies OR 2 Large Pies *

  1. Mix all ingredients together in large mixing bowl.

  2. Choose your crust size. Fill crust with 2 tablespoon scooper.

  3. Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes until browned, and set.

This is one of my favorite super simple, super sweet treats. If you give it a try, please send me photos of your finished product! It makes my heart so happy to see y'all making memories in your respective kitchens, and to include me in that process. When I first bought the store, Kenneth Holland, owner of the store when I was a child, ordered a Chess Pie from me. He told me, "The key with Chess Pie is in the cracks of the topping!" I have always remembered (and loved) this reminder. :)

Happy Baking and see you on Friday!

The Pie Queen of BG

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