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Pie Queen Parties!

Nothing says, "Friday" like a little PARTY!

After the craze of the eclipse earlier this week and the hustle + bustle of every day life, let's all agree on one thing: We have (certainly) earned a reason (or two) to celebrate! You may not know this about me, but I LOVE to plan parties! Hopefully you'll join me for one in the future! Here's the scoop:

The Pie Queen offers two options, both incredibly easy to customize!

ADULTS: $20-30 (per person)

8 Person Minimum.

Price is dependent upon which treat is chosen as theme of the Pie Queen Party.

Queen's Tip: Our fudge party is the most popular with adults!

During the adult parties, you will each get your own set of ingredients. I'll perform a demonstration in the beginning, and then you'll make your own creation! It is interactive. You'll leave with tasting, and taking some home for later. Hooray!

KIDS: $150 (flat fee) for up to 12 children.

Children's Pie Queen Parties differ in that in the beginning, each child is given pre-measured ingredients (or preparation is nearly complete) which I have prepared prior to the party. This gets the babes right to the fun! Something I love doing is drawing circles on parchment paper, allowing space for each child to write their name in one. By the end of the party, they're able to spot their creation and taste it, or take it home for later. During the party, children will receive light drinks & snacks. They'll assemble the treat (Guest of Honors Choice!), then eat it for dessert!

Queen's Tip: Some parents use the baking time for games or opening gifts. I recommend it!

I've had an absolute blast hosting these parties and dozens like them. Let me help you with your next celebration! These are a fun (and yummy) idea for any occasion if you enjoy belly laughing, homemade goodies, and good company. Hope to see you soon, y'all! Happy Weekend!

The Pie Queen of BG

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