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Boyce Store 1991

Ten miles outside Bowling Green city limits, Boyce General Store is a pleasant drive out Hwy 240, past creeks, tobacco farms and fields of Kentucky Bluegrass.

Our trade, plain and simple, is providing something money can't buy, down home Southern hospitality.

If you're accustomed to city shopping, you'll be in for a surprise when you drop in. There are no gaudy signs or flashy counter displays. What you'll find instead, is the same honest, rustic simplicity and dedication to fun and food that has been the cornerstone of the operation for generations.

Boyce General Store's roots go back to 1869 when Rev. Bill Lightfood built a little grocery store and post office in Alvaton, KY, on the outer edge of Warren County along a dirt cattle route. Legend goes the reverend was coming home from Bowling Green with supplies to sell and picked up a young boy along the way, he asked the boy what his new store should be called and he said "Boyce".


The name stuck and since then, Boyce has been focused on providing friends new and old with a gathering place, great food and downhome Southern hospitality. When it comes down to it, Boyce is a community kitchen, serving authentic comfort food just like Gr'ma used to make.

Goodrum Family at Boyce Store- 1940s
Brad & Brie- 2012

From groceries and a good meal, to a tank of gas Boyce General Store is a place to catch up with friends and today's gossip. Surviving where most general stores failed due to competition from the larger box stores, Boyce General Store has become a staple in the Alvaton community and a state wide treasure.

Brad and Brie Golliher took their love of food and community and bought the general store in 2012 to preserve an important piece of Kentucky history and ultimately give Brie a place to live out her passion of baking. Transforming the grocery and small deli into a full restaurant, the Boyce General Store has become a popular destination for a mix of locals, tourists, farmers and business professionals to enjoy great food.

Boyce General Store has been featured on KET's Kentucky Life, PBS's Travels with Darley and published in cookbooks such as Road Trip Eats: 101 Ya Gotta Eat Here Places Across Kentucky, and Tasting KY: Favorite Recipes from the Bluegrass State, as well as national online publications such as the USA Today, Country Living and Cosmopolitan magazine.

The Pie Queen was also awarded The Best Overall Dessert at the 2015 Duncan Hines Festival for her Fudge Nest Pie. She is also a regular guest on WBKO's Midday Live.

Don't just take our word for it, come experience it for yourself!

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